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Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 refer to the three surveys that Hologic and Gallup have conducted. More details below.

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See where your country ranks and view all health data from the Index by country/territory and each of the five dimensions of women’s health.

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View the Key Findings from the Year 3 Report.

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Download the Hologic Global Women's Health Index, conducted with more than 147,000 people in 143 countries and territories.

What Does the Index Measure?

Each year, Hologic and Gallup ask questions in five dimensions that, taken together, account for more than 70% of the variance in a woman’s average life expectancy at birth: Preventive Care, Emotional Health, Opinions of Health and Safety, Basic Needs and Individual Health.

Based only on women’s answers to these questions, Gallup and Hologic calculate global and country-level scores for each of the individual dimensions, as well as a single-number indicator that summarizes the host of complex factors that contribute to women’s health — the Hologic Global Women’s Health Index. Scores on the individual dimensions and overall Index can be compared over time and across countries and territories.

About the Index

High incomes and healthcare spending per capita do not guarantee high Index scores. Many other factors influence women’s health, including laws, cultural norms and climate change.