2021 Report Cover

2021 Report and Data

The results of the 2021 Hologic Global Women’s Health Index show that health situations for women and girls worldwide did not get better in 2021--and many women’s health situations became even worse. This year’s report answers key questions about women’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviors regarding healthcare and, most importantly, whether they are getting preventive care and using health services. The 2021 Index also offers new insights into how the five dimensions of health and visits with a healthcare professional relate to women’s life expectancy.

2020 Report Archive

The findings from the first year of the survey, based on Hologic and Gallup’s interviews with nearly 120,000 women and men in 116 countries and territories in 2020, provided a sobering baseline account of the state of women’s health worldwide. The data showed that every country in the world — high-income and low-income alike — fell short when it comes to women’s health and creating policies that support it. Millions of women worldwide were in crisis. Too few were being tested for deadly diseases. Their emotional health was suffering. They couldn’t meet basic needs and they didn’t feel safe.  

2020 Report Cover